Adidas Ti Basic Review

The Adidas Ti Basic indoor table tennis table is a great introductory table for families, or players looking for a good table on a budget. For decades, playing ping pong has been a great way to bring everyone together, but many of the higher-end ping pong tables are just too expensive for most families. However Adidas have managed to make this table more feature-rich than most other table tennis tables in this price range.

Adidas-Ti-Basic table tennis table review

Adidas Ti Basic – Key Features

The Adidas Ti Basic Indoor Table Tennis Table’s table surface is actually very similar to other, more expensive tables on the market. If you’ve grown accustomed to seeing the more affordable ping pong tables finished with shiny, high glare surfaces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the gray, non-glare surface, which looks pretty cool. And since this model is built with special 3/4” chipboard, it is more conducive to fast, fun play than most other introductory ping pong tables.

Adidas Ti Basic – At A Glance

  • Table is constructed from 3/4 inch chipboard.
  • Non-glare surface available in blue or gray.
  • The Easy Fold & lock system allows for simple storage and a safe, secure playing area.
  • An ideal introductory ping pong table for beginners to intermediate players.
  • Fold one half of the table for playback capability.
  • Built in ball holder for convenience.
  • Weighs in at 154 pounds.

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Easy Fold System

It’s rare to find a household that can afford to give up a ton of floor space to a ping pong table. Thankfully, the Ti Basic is built with Adidas’ well known Easy Fold & Locking system. When folded up it measures just 29 x 72 x 61 inches, so it’s simple to store away when not in use.

When it’s unfolded this measures in at the official international table tennis table dimensions of 108 x 60 x 30 inches.

Adidas Ti Basic – Summary

Adidas is known for putting out nothing but top quality sports and recreation products. We’re happy to say that after reviewing the specifications and customer reviews for the Ti Basic that it more than lives up to the Adidas reputation for quality.

With its simple to use folding and locking system, a non-glare surface and a permanently installed net, the Adidas Ti Basic indoor table tennis table is a great table for beginning and intermediate ping pong enthusiasts.

This is a great piece of table tennis equipment for any rec room, dormitory or garage. And while it’s not a professional competition ping pong table, it will provide hours of fun play time for casual players and aspiring future champions.

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