Adidas To 3 Outdoor Table Review

We tend to think of ping pong as an indoor game, but the Adidas To 3 outdoor table tennis table changes that. It’s possible to enjoy fun, competitive table tennis games inside and outside. thanks to its weatherproof, shock resistant table top and strong undercarriage.

Adidas To 3 outdoor table tennis table review

Weatherproof and Sun Resistant

The To 3 allows casual and competitive players, alike, the chance to play outside when they want to. This is a great table for households that don’t have the indoor floor space to dedicate ping pong, as it can be set up virtually anwhere.

It is completely weatherproof, which means that moisture won’t ruin the table. But that’s not the only type of protection the Adidas To 3 Outdoor Ping Pong Table has. The matte finish is anti-glare, so the sunlight won’t affect playing. And it’s also UV protected, so the finish won’t fade after being exposed to bright sunlight.

The end result of all this protection is one tough table from one of the world’s leading sports manufacturers.

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Folds Up and Rolls Away So Easily

Of course, just because the Adidas To 3 Outdoor Table Tennis Table is weatherproof, that doesn’t mean that you have to leave it fully set up, out in the elements.

This table is designed to be easily folded up and stored away. Adidas uses a folding system called Easy Fold. This ingenious design feature allows you to fold up the entire table by simply pushing levers, conveniently located under the table top on each side.

Once it’s folded up, the Adidas To 3 Outdoor Table Tennis Table measures in at 29 x 72 x 61 inches, for easy storage. And with its easy to steer wheels, it’s simple to roll this table into any available storage space.

Adidas To 3 Features

  • Weatherproof, UV protected and shock resistant to provide a fun, outdoor ping pong playing.
  • Can be used in playback mode, for solo play.
  • Matte, anti-glare gray surface that looks fantastic.
  • The Easy Fold system allows for quick, simple storage and safe, secure playing.
  •  The Rebound Factor (RF) is 3, which is good for beginner to intermediate ping pong players.
  • Dimensions: Folded – 29 x 72 x 61 inches – Unfolded – Official Standard of 108 x 60 x 30 inches

Adidas To 3 Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Summary

While this particular table isn’t a professional competition table, it is plenty good enough for most casual players to enjoy fast, responsive ping pong playing for practice or casual competitions.

And since the it is built to be used outdoors, it’s ideal for environments where there simply isn’t enough room inside to set up an official-size table tennis table.

Kids, teens, moms and dads will be able to play hours of fun matches – inside or outside – with the Adidas To 3 Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

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