Affordable Ping Pong Tables

(5 Ping Pong Tables at $500 or less)

Looking for affordable ping pong tables? Here we’ll take a look at value table tennis tables and give you our recommendations on 5 tables costing under US$500.

Butterfly Personal Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Personal Rollaway

(around US$500)

Features a high quality wooden top, sturdy steel construction, and the trademark Butterfly ‘rollaway’ design for easy storage and movement.


Joola Inside table tennis table review - best selling table tennis tablesJoola Inside

(around US$400)

Good enough to last a semi-serious player several years and provide hours of satisfying playing experience for all the family.


Stiga Daytona affordable table tennis tablesStiga Daytona

(around US$475)

Good-looking, well-built table. Worth considering.



 Adidas Ti Basic table tennis table reviewAdidas Ti Basic

(around $499)

This is a superb entry-level table, durable and an ideal choice for those looking for a good table at an even better price.


Stiga Edge - affordable ping pong tablesStiga Edge

(around US$220)

An amazingly-priced table from top brand Stiga. Perfect for the occassional game.



Nowadays you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to get a good table. We recommend buying new, rather than a used table tennis table, as you know exactly what you’re getting, it’ll come with a warranty, and it hasn’t taken abuse from someone else and their kids.

You can buy full-size cheap ping pong tables for $500 or less without compromising on quality.

Another option if you’re only going to be playing the occassional game of ping pong is to buy a table tennis conversion top which will allow you to use a regular table or pool table.