Butterfly Table Tennis Table Reviews

A Butterfly table tennis table, although not always the cheapest, will give you years of pleasure. The company claims to be a “world leader in table tennis technology” and it’s products are arguably the world’s favorite ping-pong tables.

Butterfly Tables Reviewed

Butterfly Club 25 Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Club 25 Rollaway

(approx US$1,150)

Very high quality offering from Butterfly. Excellent indoor table for aspiring players.


Butterfly Personal Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Personal Rollaway

(approx US$500)

Great entry-level table.


Butterfly Centrefold table tennis tableButterfly Centrefold

(approx US$2,300)

Superior, competition-level table.


Butterfly Europa table tennis tableButterfly Europa

(approx US$1,500)

Much-loved, high-quality table.


Butterfly Home Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Home Rollaway

(approx US$500)

Perfect for those with limited storage space.


Butterfly Premium Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Premium Rollaway

(approx US$900)

Very popular, quality portable, space saving table.


Butterfly Outdoor Playback table tennis tableButterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway

(approx US$800)

Great family table for outdoor play.


Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table

(approx US$750)

Easy to set up and move.


Butterfly Nippon table tennis tableButterfly Nippon Rollaway

(approx US$1,500).

For those with little space but a big passion for the sport.


Butterfly Octet table tennis tableButterfly Octet 25

(approx US$2,000).

Professional grade table for the serious enthusiast who has to have the best.

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About Butterfly Table Tennis

The company that was started over 60 years ago by a table tennis player, Hikosuke Tamasu, in Yanai City, Japan, is today the most recognized name in the sport across the world.

Butterfly Table Tennis Table logoIf you have ever played or even been around table tennis enthusiasts, the famous dual wing Butterfly logo would be quite familiar to you.

Butterfly makes everything from rackets and tables to table tennis robots and sportswear. Butterfly equipment is used by world champions in high-level international ping-pong events, including being used in the Olympics. Professional and semi-professional players swear by its quality while amateur players appreciate its affordable range of table tennis equipment that fill recreation rooms around the world.

Top Quality Tables

Butterfly is especially well known for its tables. Butterfly ping pong tables are easily among the best (some users would claim the best) in the world, and their range of tables has the kind of quality and attention to detail that professional players demand.

Although it can be argued that for the complete beginner, investing in a Butterfly table might not be the best decision owing to the slightly higher price, for anybody with anything more than a passing interest in the sport, Butterfly tables are among the best you could ask for.

When it comes to buying tables, the most important thing to consider is the tabletop. Butterfly table tennis tables fare exceedingly well in this regard on account of their high quality tops made from fiberboard/compressed particle board that offers optimum bounce, speed, and spin.

Used In Table Tennis Tournaments

Butterfly ping-pong tables have been used in high-level international competitions, including the Olympics. The Europa, for instance, has been the official table of the U.S. Open for several years now.

However, Butterfly table tennis tables do not cater to professional and semi-professional players alone. Amateur players or families looking for an addition to their game room will find something to like here too.

Butterfly table tennis tables are among the most popular in the world, and for a good number of reasons. They are not only made from high quality materials with a lots of attention to detail, but are also quite affordable. Whatever your needs may be, there is probably a Butterfly ping-pong table available for you.

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