Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway Review

The Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway Table Tennis Table is a very high quality ping pong table. Featuring a superb top-surface and an easy to move, easy to store design, this table is among the best equipment that money can buy. Read on for our in-depth review.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

The Butterfly Centerfold is a fine table, being one of the best offerings from one of the world’s favorite table tennis table manufacturers. Needless to say, one expects such a table to live up to its pedigree, and it definitely does not disappoint.

This is a regulation size ping-pong table – 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high, and it was the official table of the 2005 U.S. Open ITTF Pro Championships. As a result, the table adheres to all the specifications and guidelines set down by International Table Tennis Federation.

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Butterfly Table Tennis

The manufacturer behind this table should be a name familiar to all table tennis enthusiasts: Butterfly. Professionals and amateurs alike swear by Butterfly’s high quality tables, rackets, rubbers and blades. In fact, over half the participants in the World and European championships use Butterfly blades and rubbers – a testament to the superior quality of the company’s products.

Butterfly’s tables are especially well known for their excellent design and high quality materials used. When buying a ping-pong table, the most important thing to keep in mind is the table top as has the greatest influence on the way the table plays. The surface affects the ball’s bounce, spin and speed. Needless to say, a low quality top made from inferior materials will give unpredictable bounce, spin and speed.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Top

The Butterfly Centrefold Sky Rollaway ping-pong table is made from 1-inch thick wood. Typically, the thicker the top, the better. 1 inch is optimum thickness as it delivers just about perfect bounce, spin and speed. For serious players, consistency is a key element in deciding on a table – a trait this table has in plenty.

The undercarriage of the Butterfly Centrefold Sky Rollaway Table Tennis Table is made of solid steel. This lends the table enhanced durability and stability. The legs themselves are made of 2-inch thick steel. Needless to say, you will not need to replace this table any time soon.

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Rollaway Mechanism

A major consideration when buying a ping pong table is space, or rather, the amount of space occupied by the table when not in use. Not everyone has access to a large, open training area. This Butterfly ping pong table seeks to address this problem via an innovative fold-and-roll design. Simply put, you can simply fold the two ends of the table together and roll it away with the help of the four 5″ wide steel wheels provided. This innovative design feature makes it possible to store the table in tight spaces.

The Butterfly Centrefold Sky Rollaway Table Tennis Table features this fold-and-roll design. After folding, the table’s length becomes just 60 inches, while the width reduces to a mere 16 inches. The height increases to 63 inches. At this much reduced size, the table can be stored anywhere easily – a boon for players without enough space to keep a large table permanently.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Summary

Finally, one cannot have a discussion about the Butterfly Centrefold 25 Sky Rollaway ping pong table without talking about the price – the single most important factor in making a purchase decision. At around US$2,300 it is priced high and may be beyond the reach of the average table tennis player. This table is aimed squarely at the serious player who wants a high quality table to practice their game on. Absolute beginner players will not derive much benefit from it (other than bragging rights).

If you are looking for a high quality table, then the Butterfly Centrefold Sky Rollaway should definitely be worth serious consideration. It has an amazing playing surface, innovative fold and roll design, and sturdy construction. A table like this is an investment that can last years. Although it is priced quite high, for players looking for the very best, there are few options better than the Butterfly Centrefold rollaway table.

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