Butterfly Nippon T24 Review

The Butterfly Nippon T24 Rollaway table tennis table is meant especially for those who want their ping pong tables to be extremely portable. It is ridiculously easy to fold and roll-away this table within minutes. Its high quality finish, smooth 22 mm top, and sturdy construction top off a package that any table tennis enthusiast will fall in love with.

The Butterfly Nippon T24 Rollaway table tennis table is a competition-level table with exceptional portability that makes it ideal for small spaces. It ss designed specifically for settings wherein you might be required to fold up and move the table every now and then.

While the average table would soon get damaged due to the regular folding/unfolding process, the Butterfly Nippon can take the strain and still play perfectly.

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Butterfly Table Tennis

If you talk to a table tennis enthusiast and mention the name, “Butterfly”, you will most likely hear gushing praise for the quality of their equipment. Over 50{b1d3bb0ab2c4a3b3a79e110f19c38dd107a4c9030302f8451c66af4d56a3119b} of the players at World and European Championships use Butterfly equipment, and their tables are routinely used in major tournaments such as the U.S. Open.

Butterfly Nippon Table Tennis Table ReviewButterfly Nippon – Built To Fold And Roll

The Nippon fulfils a certain niche in Butterfly’s extensive range of tables. Most competitive tables are either stationary, or designed for minimal portability. Sure, many manufacturers, including Butterfly, have a few competition level tables with rollaway designs, but folding and moving them is cumbersome at best. Moreover, very few are designed to withstand the damage that frequent folding/rolling can inflict.

The Butterfly Nippon Rollaway ping pong table, on the other hand, is sturdy enough the take all the abuse of frequent folding/rolling without getting damaged. The folding/rolling mechanism is extremely easy to use and requires minimal effort. If you need a table that can be quickly moved out of the way after a game, then this is the table for you.


It has a 7/8″ (22 mm) solid compressed wood top. The top is scratch-proof and offers good bounce, speed and spin. The table is supported by 2″ square wooden legs that lend it a classic, almost Spartan look (in contrast to the rather garish steel legs on other tables). A 2″ x 3/4″ steel rail lends additional support to the structure, while a set of four 5″ rubber wheels finish off the rollaway design.

The table is shipped in a single carton and weighs a little over 280 lbs. This might be a little too heavy for most people, but the rollaway design makes it easy to move it out of the way when needed. The table requires assembly before first use, but it is quite easy to do so following the assembly instructions provided. The table also comes with a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

The table comes in a classic green finish. Along with the wooden legs, this lends it a sturdy, old-school look. The first thing you will notice when you look at it the first time is how strikingly beautiful it looks, especially the smooth, green top.

Butterfly Nippon T24 Summary

With a sturdy rollaway design, and high quality playing surface you will easily fall in love with it. At around US$1,500 the Butterfly Nippon Rollaway ping pong table is priced very reasonably for a competition level table of this quality. It is ideal for small spaces or practice rooms where you might be required to move the table out of the way once used.

Check Out The Current Price On Amazon.com