Butterfly Octet 25 Review

The Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway is a top level table. If you love playing table tennis, like we do, you’ve probably thought about playing on the kinds of tables that the pros use. Well, you can do a few things: You could keep practising and playing until you reach the professional level, or you could get a head start and get playing on a professional table like this one. So what do you get for around $2,000?

Butterfly Octet 25 Table Tennis Table Review

 To be sure this isn’t your every day rec-room ping pong table, but then again that’s the point. The manufacturers are the same folks who’ve made the tables for the U.S Open Championships for the past decade, so this is definitely a cut above what those other ping pong tables have to offer.

Butterfly Octet 25 Table Tennis Table Features & Details

  • 1″ wood top, which offers an amazing bounce for competitive play
  • 2″ metal rail makes for a sturdy, stable playing experience
  •  Backed by a powerful 3 Year Warranty
  •  National League Net Set for the most realistic, professional style practice and games
  •  4″ locking rubber wheels for smooth rolling, simple maneuverability
  •  Adjustable 2″ steel legs make the table an even sturdier playing environment
  •  Attractive blue color makes this table more stylish than those old fashioned ping pong tables
  •  Weighs in at a solid, yet very manageable 175 pounds
  •  Built by the company that made the tables for the 2001 – 2011 U.S. Open Championships

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Amazing Playing Surface

All the features of a table are important, but few are as crucial as having a top of the line playing surface. The Butterfly Octet 25 table tennis table more than delivers in this department. With its real wood, 1 inch thick table top, this table is built for precision and control.

Balls bounce better on high quality wood table tops, and you’ll definitely notice the difference when your serves and returns become better controlled and more powerful than they’ve ever been before.

Strength & Stability

Of course a table top is only as good as the underlying support system it sits on. Again, though, the Octet comes through with flying colors when it comes to sheer sturdiness.

This table is supported by a strong metal rail system that’s designed to offer you a level, stable playing surface that remains true – no matter how action packed your games become.

With so many flimsy ping pong tables in garages and game rooms across the country, it’s refreshing to find a table that’s as strong and stable as the Butterfly Octet 25.

High Quality Net

The Butterfly Octet 25  comes with a complete National League Net rig to take your game to the next level. The net seamlessly connects to the table, so once you set the table up – whether for the first time, or when unfolding it from wherever you store it – you’ll be set for playing any time you feel the urge.

Butterfly Octet 25 Table Tennis Table Review Summary

With its 1 inch thick, real wood table top, strong legs, sturdy frame and a superior quality net and post system, it’s easy to see why so many of today’s best players opt to use the Butterfly Octet 25 table tennis table. And once you try it for yourself, you’ll see that this table is built to make you a more competitive, well-rounded player.

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