Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Review

The Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway TW23 table tennis table is a high quality waterproof table tennis table. It features a high quality synthetic laminate top, strong steel frame, and exceptional portability. Competitively priced at around US$750 this is among Butterfly’s best offerings in the home/family range. However, is it all hype, or does this table actually deliver on the promises?

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

If you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table to keep around the pool area, patio, or porch, then the Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table should be among your first choices. An excellent outdoor table by a world-renowned manufacturer, this table has all the features you would want in a high-end table at an affordable price.

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Butterfly is better known among table tennis enthusiasts for its competition level tables,but its ‘Home’ line of tables meant for families and amateur players is equally good and provides the perfect mix of low price and high quality. If you are an amateur player looking for a table for the recreation room, then this table is worth serious consideration.

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway – Built To Withstand Extremes

The Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway  is unique as it is built specifically for outdoor settings. Weatherproof table tennis tables present a unique challenge in terms of design and construction. An outdoor table has to withstand a lot of abuse in the form of rain, snow, excessive heat, etc. Strength and durability, therefore, are key factors when deciding on an outdoor table.

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway -Table Tennis Table ReviewAn outdoor table must also have a playing surface that can withstand variations in temperature and extreme weather conditions. While indoor tables normally use solid compressed wood, an outdoor table should ideally use a water and heat-resistant material so that the bounce and spin offered by the playing surface does not get affected with time.

Table Features

The Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway ping pong table has a top made of 3/16″ thick synthetic laminate – a water resistant material that has exceptional durability.

The table has 1″ thick round legs and a frame made of German steel. Despite being very strong, the steel frame is light-weight, making the table quite easy to move. A set of four steel wheels enhance its portability and the rollaway design makes it very easy to fold up and move the table out of the way.

Family Friendly

The table also has a child safety lever to prevent the top from falling off. An accessory holder to hold a pair of rackets and a few balls is in-built into the table. The Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway comes with a 4 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Weatherproof table tennis tables need to be highly portable so that you can move them out of the way in case of bad weather or if you need more space. The Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway ping pong table is designed specifically for this purpose. Even the net set is designed in such a way that players can fold the table into storage position without having to remove the net set. Among the extensive range of Butterfly rollaway table tennis tables, this one is the easiest to move and set-up.

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway User Reviews

“For outdoor or indoor play – this is a great table. The laminate top doesn’t warp in humid weather or stain if it gets wet. The legs are sturdy, and fold up & lock very easily, the panels can be lowered quite easily. The ball really jumps on this surface.”

“Took a while to put together, but it is excellent quality, not a cheapy – sturdy, stable, great!”

“The table itself is great quality, if you are just learning or starting new, you will have no problem. But for someone who’s played for a while and use to a wood surface or regular bounce, this bounce will not work at all.” 

Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway – Summary

If you are looking for an outdoor weather proof table tennis table, the the Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway Table Tennis Table is worthy of your serious consideration. In our opinion it offers exceptional value for money, is highly durable, and is very easy to move, store, and set-up. Designed specifically for outdoor areas, this will be a welcome addition to your pool, patio, or porch.

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