Butterfly Outdoor Playback TW24 Review

The Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway TW24  table tennis table is a highly durable outdoor ping pong table. It features a durable top made of synthetic laminate, a sturdy frame made of German steel, and steel wheels for easy storage. On top of it all, it is also very reasonably priced at around US$800.

Butterfly Outdoor Playback Table Tennis Table Review

 Built For The Great Outdoors

The Outdoor Playback Rollaway is Butterfly’s solution to the unique problems posed by keeping a ping pong table outdoors.

As anyone who has bought or used an outdoor table would testify, heat, rain and bad weather are not exactly too kind to a table tennis table. Sooner or later, the playing surface gets damaged, the legs buckle under constant abuse, or the frame develops wear and tear that makes playing nearly impossible. This table aims to rectify these problems by offering a durable, sturdy product that is surprisingly affordable.

The compressed wood top used in most indoor tables is simply incapable of handling the stress and abuse of an outdoor location. A more durable material and a strong frame, therefore, are necessities when you are in the market for an outdoor table tennis table.

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Butterfly Outdoor Playback – Table Features

The Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table is a weatherproof table tennis table that has a top made of 1/4″ synthetic laminate. This is a strong, water-proof and heat-resistant material that can withstand all the abuse the elements can throw at it. It will retain its bounce even after years in an outdoor setting. This top is heavier and thicker than the one used in the Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway table, and consequently, offers greater durability. The table is available in green or blue (TW24B) surface colors.

The frame is made of high quality, light weight German steel. A 1.5″ steel rail provides additional support to the table, while a set of four steel wheels make it extremely easy to move the table out of the way once done playing. The Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway table tennis table rests on four square 1″ thick steel legs.

The table has a child-proof lock to prevent the top from accidentally falling off. It also has an accessory holder built in. The table comes with a 3 year warranty.

Storage and Portability

The Outdoor Playback is designed for easy storage and set-up. The net set, for instance, is designed in such a way that you do not even need to remove it to fold up and store the table. Setting up the table, thus, is as easy as unfolding the legs. The light weight (150 lbs) and rollaway design make it a child’s play to roll the table out of the way once done playing.

In terms of weatherproof table tennis tables it has all the features you would want in an outdoor table – strong frame, durable top, and easy storage. If experience is an indicator, outdoor ping pong tables usually end up being used for a lot more purposes than just ping pong – you (or your guests) might use it as table, a surface to lean back on, or even as a ‘chair’. Whatever the abuse, this table is more than capable of handling it.

Butterfly Outdoor Playback User Review

“The table’s great once you get it built. It comes with a small hardware store of fasteners and stuff so allow a few hours and plenty of room for construction.”

Butterfly Outdoor Playback TW24 – Summary

It has the trademark Butterfly quality, minus the hefty price tag, and the Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway should be very high on your list if you are considering investing in an outdoor ping pong table.

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