Butterfly Premium Rollaway TR35 Review

The Butterfly Premium Rollaway TR35 table tennis table is a strong, sturdy and sleek ping pong table manufactured by one of the most renowned table tennis table producers. Let’s have a closer look at some of its features and see what you get for your US$900.

Butterfly Premium Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

The Butterfly Premium Rollaway table is a high-end table tennis manufactured by Butterfly, arguably the top ping-pong equipment maker in the world. This table is an upgraded version of Butterfly’s Personal Rollaway table and features an improved design, stronger construction, and a better playing surface.

Stows Away Well

The Butterfly Premium Rollaway table tennis table is well suited for places which have a space crunch. This ping pong table is equipped with certain features using which you can store it comfortably even in a small and not so spacious room.

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Each half of the table collapses separately and then fits into the other. This way, while the table is not in use it occupies less than half the space a normal table tennis table would have. It is also ideal for use in schools and fitness centres which might also suffer from space problems. Even when multiple tables are to be stored, you can just pile them on each other which will save a lot of space.

Butterfly Premium Rollaway – Table Features

Now, you might think that the flexibility of the table would compromise on it’s strength and durability, but you would be mistaken. This ping pong table is equipped with German crafted steel and durable wood frame. The table top is made of solid wood. Not only does this provide strength and resilience to the table, it also makes for an excellent playing surface which supports quality bounce.

The side rails and the legs are made of German crafted steel and provide a strong framework to support the heavy texture of the table. The Butterfly Premium Rollaway table tennis table comes with rubber wheels attached to each of its legs, making it amazingly easy to move the table from one place to another. The outwards facing wheels are equipped with locks which keep the table stationary during the course of play.

Another exciting feature of the Butterfly Rollaway Table Tennis table is its adjustable feet. You can modify the exact location of the feet simply by turning them with your fingers. The table also comes with a Stallion Net Set which is also adjustable. So, you can customise the table to your own needs and specification.

Butterfly Premium Rollaway User Reviews

“pros: very strong. good quality product. used for two years now.

cons: legs can not be adjusted correctly (uneven)”

“While first glance at the assembly instructions would drive a Tasmanian Devil mumbling to his lair, reading the instructions through resulted in a very easy & successful set up. All the parts were present, the task was straightforward and the result is the finest table I’ve ever seen. The design makes for a system that sets up easily, stows easily and levels on even the least level of floors.”

“The table itself is of good quality. Converting to the upright position for storage is a cinch. The heights of the legs are not adjustable, but cardboard padding can be made easily from the packaging material.”

Butterfly Premium Rollaway TR35  – Summary

The Premium Rollaway is a complete package- it is strong and durable, it’s made of top quality steel and wood, it does not occupy a lot of space and it is highly flexible and can be altered according to your specific needs. So, if you are a ping pong enthusiast, this Butterfly table may be the perfect find for you.

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