Cornilleau 740 Competition Review

The Cornilleau 740 Competition table tennis table is an exceptional table which has been approved by the IITF and is a professional-standard product. So what do you get for your US$1,800?

Cornilleau 740 Competition

Available in blue or green, the Cornilleau 740 Competition table tennis table belongs to the top range of the Cornilleau tables. It has been officially approved by the ITTF and offers high quality performance. It is perfect for intensive heavy playing as in professional clubs or international tournaments.

It weighs a total of 120 kgs and its playing dimensions are 274 x 152.5 x 76 cms while its storage dimensions are way smaller- 183 x 65 x 158 cms. The table is easily folded away for storage purposes. This feature also allows you to use the table for individual playback i.e. solo play. You can do so by having one half of the table upright.

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Cornilleau 740 Competition – Top Quality Playing Surface

The playing surface of this Cornilleau table tennis table is really what sets it apart from others, It boasts of a 25mm high density chip board with Skill Top coating. This high quality table top ensures both stability and excellent quality of the game. It allows you to have just the perfect bounce while playing.

The table top is complemented wonderfully by the corrosion and scratch-resistant steel framework. The leg assembly is also made of lacquered steel further adding to the stability of the table. All these features combined make for a strong, sturdy and durable table tennis table.


The Cornilleau 740 Competition is primarily an indoor table tennis table. It comes with certain features which ensure that you will have no problems managing the table indoors. Firstly, the table has a set of wheels with four brakes. So, you can easily transport the table within the club or your house without any problems.

As mentioned earlier, the table fits nicely in a small storage space as it can be folded quite conveniently. This means that you can keep it indoors without worrying about the kind of space it will occupy. Thirdly, it has a DSI Locking and Safety mechanism which prevents any accidents by keeping the table completely stable and stationary.

The support structure of this table means that it is perfect choice for those players who play table tennis from a wheelchair.

Net Features

All these features have been designed to make sure that you don’t have any problems in handling the table. Along with table, you will also get a set of ITTF approved net posts and cotton net. The net post has a mechanism by which you can adjust the height and the tension according to your requirements. They have another mechanism by which they remain in place even after repeated moving of the table or constant folding and unfolding of the table.

Cornillleau 740 Competition – Summary

The table comes with a starter of 4 bats and 6 balls. The Cornilleau 740 Competition comes with a full 3 year warranty on all its parts. All these features together make this Cornilleau 740 an exceptional table tennis table.

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