Cornilleau Sport 100 Review

The Cornilleau Sport 100 is primarily designed for beginners and amateurs or people playing table tennis for recreation or leisure. Having said that, the table is high quality and durable and comes with several interesting features that make it very convenient for beginners to play table tennis. It is available in indoor (US$700) and outdoor (US$800) versions.

Cornilleau Sport 100 Table Tennis Table

It’s not unusual for a beginner to be confused and intimidated by the world of table tennis. Be it the game itself or other things like what table to buy, what features to look for etc. All these issues might prove challenging for any newbie, but the Cornilleau Sport 100 table promises to uncomplicate things by offering several features which will make playing ping pong / table tennis extremely pleasurable.

Firstly, it is very convenient to manage and maintain the table. It can be easily folded for storage, so you don’t have to worry about having enough space to store a bulky table. Secondly, the Cornilleau table can also be used for individual playback a feature especially helpful for beginners as it allows them to practice solo.

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Cornilleau Sport 100 – Weatherproof and Tough

Quite obviously, the outdoor version of the table tennis table is more resistant to weather changes or any sort of corrosion due to external conditions. The table top in this version is made of weatherproof resin laminate. Besides being resistant to any damage caused by weather conditions, the surface is also ensured against racket blows.

Additionally, the table top has the matt effect i.e. it is anti-glare in nature and so it reflects any light that falls on it. This is particularly helpful as it keeps the sun’s rays from interfering with play by disrupting visibility.

Quality Table Top

Other than these few features, the others are common to both the indoor and the outdoor version. The Cornilleau Sport 100 table boasts of a scratch-resistant steel framework. It also has a state-of-art table top made of high density chipboard. This ensures that you get just the perfect bounce while playing ping pong. A net and post set is provided with the table and the net remains in place irrespective of the state of the table. The height and tension of the net are also adjustable.

The table comes with a set of wheels which essentially make the table mobile. So, you don’t have to worry about transporting the table from one place to another. The makers at Cornilleau have taken adequate safety measures to prevent any accidents. They have designed the DSI Safety System which basically prevents the accidental motion of the play and keeps it stationary and stable.

Cornilleau Sport 100 – Summary

So, if you have just started playing ping pong and want to get a table to build you interest, then the Cornilleau Sport 100 is an excellent option for you. It has all the features required by an amateur and at the same time, it is very convenient to manage and maintain.

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