Cornilleau Sport 300 Review

The Cornilleau Sport 300 and 300M is a high quality approved table tennis table. It is strong, resilient and offers high quality play. Let’s have a closer look at some of its features. 

The Cornilleau Sport 300 table tennis table comes with all possible features required for a high quality and efficient table. This ping pong table has everything that a normal Cornillaeu table offers- strength, durability, advanced features and high quality play. The indoor version should cost you around US$800 and the outdoor version around US$1,000.

The playing size of the table is 274 x 152.5x 76 cms. As the table folds for compact storage, the storage size is 183 x 75 x 155 cms.

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Cornilleau Sport 300 – Quality Table Top

But what really differentiates this table from others is its table top. The table top is laminated with resin which makes it completely weatherproof. This feature is especially pronounced in the outdoor model of this ping pong table. The table top is also matt finished i.e. it does not reflect light. Again, this anti-glare surface is an integral feature of the outdoor weatherproof table tennis table.

The table top is the primary difference between the indoor and the outdoor models of this Cornillaeu table tennis table. As the outdoor version is more exposed to the vagaries of weather, its surface has been made more resistant to face such weather conditions. The indoor version of the table has a 19mm high density chipboard construction.

Table Features

Besides the table top, most of the features are common to both the versions of the table. The basic frame is made of scratch-resistant steel. This again protects the table from external environmental conditions. The legs of the table are also made of steel, they are especially arched which provide stability to the table as a whole.

The position of the legs also makes this a wheelchair-friendly table.

The Cornilleau Sport 300 table tennis table also offers many other facilities like individual playback which allows you to practice by unfolding one half of the table. It also comes with double sport banded wheels with attached brakes. So, it is very easy to transport the table indoors or outdoors.

A set of net posts in included with the table and the height or the tension of the nets can be adjusted. Even if the table is folded and unfolded regularly, the position and the tautness of the net remains unmodified.

Additionally, there is storage space for extra balls and table tennis rackets on one side of the table. The central unlocking handle ensures that the table does not move accidentally.

Cornilleau Sport 300 – Summary

So, all in all, the Cornilleau Sport 300 offers you everything you would want in a good table tennis table. The makers of this table are so confident of the quality of the table that they offer a 3 year guarantee for the table and a 10 year guarantee for the table top. The table is also officially recognised by the FFTT (French Table Tennis Federation) and its dimensions are in sync with the international tournament standards.

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