Cornilleau Sport 500 Review

The Cornilleau Sport 500 table is a high quality product available in both indoor and outdoor versions. The tables have been designed particularly for experienced and professional players and cost around US$1,600. Let’s take a closer look at the features.

The Cornilleau Sport 500 Table Tennis Table is one of the premiere tables manufactured by Cornilleau. The table has official FFTT (French Table Tennis Federation) approval to be used in international tournaments. It is ideal for committed table tennis players.

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Cornilleau Sport 500 – Playing Surface and Dimensions

The playing surface of the indoor Cornilleau table tennis table is made of 22mm high density chipboard. The basic framework of the table is 50mm in dimension. Additionally, it is totally resistant to corrosion or any scratches. The playing size of the table is 274 x 152.5 x 76 cms while its storage size is 183 x 75x 155 cms, thanks to it’s collapsible framework.

The Cornilleau Sport 500 Table is available in two versions- the indoor and the outdoor (500M). The major difference between the two versions is quite obviously the table top. The laminated resin table top in the outdoor version makes it resistant to weather extremes. This weatherproof table tennis table also has the MATTOP anti glare mechanism, making play much more comfortable, especially in strong sunshine. To give protection complete surface of the table is coated with varnish and a compound of zinc and steel, making it resistant to corrosion.

Dependable Construction

Besides these features, the others are similar for both the indoor and outdoor versions of the Cornilleau Sport 500 table. The legs of the Cornilleau table are arched to provide more stability and resilience to the basic structure.

One of the major advantages of this ping pong table is it portability. It comes with a set of wheels which are banded with brakes. This makes it very convenient for you to move the table indoors or outdoors.

The net and post is provided with the table and remain in place even when the table is folded. There position is not altered and they remain taut when the table is unfolded again. It has a DSI locking system that prevents accidental opening or moving of the table. It also keeps the table safe and secure. You can also use the table for individual playback by having only one half of the table in upright position.

Cornilleau Sport 500 – Summary

I spite of all this, the most important criterion to judge a table is by quality of the sport if offers. The Cornilleau Sport 500 offers perfect bounce and excellent rebound, thus making it a complete pleasure to play ping pong on this table. This table tennis table offers everything an excellent table must offer- strength, durability, advanced features, convenience and most importantly high quality sport. No wonder then that the table is officially recognised and is a favourite amongst higher level table tennis players.

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