Cornilleau Table Tennis Table Reviews

Cornilleau table tennis is the number 1 manufacturer of table tennis equipment in Europe. Its range of tables covers the needs of players of all skill levels. Here’s a look at the company, and some of the key products in its range.

Cornilleau Tables Reviewed

Cornilleau Sport 100 table

(approx US$600 and US$700)

Indoor and outdoor versions. A great table for those starting out, and for families.


Cornilleau Sport 300

(approx US$800 and US$1,000)

Indoor and outdoor versions. A solid offering from Cornilleau, quality and good value. TOP SELLER


Cornilleau Sport 500

(approx US$1,100)

Hugely popular, competition table in outdoor and indoor versions.


Cornilleau Competition 610

(approx US$1,300)

ITTF approved table, perfect for clubs, schools and serious players.


Cornilleau 740 Competition

(approx US$1,600)

ITTF approved table, top of the range table for serious competitors. Suitable for wheelchair users.


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About Cornilleau Table Tennis

Cornilleau table tennis logoInnovating in Table Tennis” – that is the motto for Cornilleau table tennis company. Cornilleau (pronounced “kor-nee-oh”) was founded way back in 1946 as a carpentry business, which later branched off into manufacturing table tennis equipment. By 2003, it had become the largest table tennis equipment manufacturer in Europe. Today, the Cornilleau sponsors some of the top events and players from across the globe, working to make the sport more popular in new markets.

Cornilleau Table Tennis – The Professional Choice

Cornilleau table tennis equipment is very popular among professional and amateur players alike. The company’s products are especially popular in Europe, where it has sponsored events such as the World Team Cup in Magdeburg, the ITTF Pro Tour, Open De France, etc.

Cornilleau is well known for the quality of its tables, which bear a distinctively futuristic look on account of the advanced construction materials and clean, modern design. The table range covers the needs of all kinds of players of different skill levels. From tables for homes and recreation rooms to competition level tables, there should be a table ideal for you in Cornilleau’s line-up.


Cornilleau tables are strikingly beautiful. The competition tables are made of very high quality materials, with a design focus on clean/straight lines – perhaps a rub-off of the ‘Made in France’ tag. The range of leisure tables look even better with arched legs, curving undercarriage supports, and smooth chipboard tops.

Cornilleau tables are among the best in the industry. The company’s dedication to the sport, coupled by the quality of its equipment has made it the number 1 manufacturer of table tennis equipment in Europe.

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