Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Ping pong table dimensions are regulated by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for the professional sport. Recreational games often feature smaller tables that can fit into smaller spaces. Read on to find out more about ping pong table sizes.

Table tennis is among the most popular sports/pastimes in the world. It requires very little room to play and can be played both indoors and outdoors. A ping pong table can fit into a small city apartment, or can be set up in a large outdoor area as well. The table – the major investment required to play the sport – is small enough to fit into most spaces. Ping pong table dimensions may vary for professional and amateur games.

Table Tennis Table Measurements

ping pong table dimensionsThe recommended ping pong table size as given by the ITTF for professional games is

  • 2.74m (9 feet) long
  • 1.54m (5 feet) wide
  • 30 inches (2.5 feet) high

This table is divided into two equal halves, separated by a net. The playing surface is usually made of hardwood or other timbers, and often has a friction-reducing coat of paint. The surface also has markings (usually in white paint) dividing the table into left and right sides.

Although ping pong table dimensions for professional games are carefully regulated, it may not be so for tables aimed at casual players. Such tables are made to cater to the demands of people who want a functional table that can fit into a small room. Consequently, certain models manufactured by a few brands are smaller and lighter. Stiga, one of the premier table tennis manufacturers, for instance, makes a whole range of ‘mini tables’ which are aimed exclusively at casual players.

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Space Around Your Table

Ping pong table size is a concern for most casual players who don’t have large enough rooms to keep a table permanently. In a casual setting, for single player games, a gap of 5-6 feet between the wall and the table at each end is more than enough with perhaps a little less (3-4 feet) on the sides. For doubles play, the gap required is a little more to allow for greater freedom of movement.

A lot depends on your own comfort level – if you are comfortable playing in a confined space and don’t mind occasionally scraping the wall with your racket, then you can fit a regulation size table in a small room. For serious players, though, a large enough room with plenty of space is recommended for an optimum playing experience.

Easy Storage

Most tables sold nowadays feature a ‘rollaway’ design which makes it easy to store them out of the way once done playing. Although the average ping pong table dimensions are quite large, this rollaway design makes the task of setting up and storing the table much easier. For the best experience, casual players with limited available space should ideally invest in a rollaway table, preferably of regulation size.

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