Harvard Ping Pong Table

Buying a Harvard ping pong table means getting mix of quality and affordability.  They aren’t so easy to get a hold of nowadays, but you can still pick them up here and there, and there are plenty of used tables available.

It is one of the most recognizable brands amongst table tennis players in the US, and the company makes not only ping pong, but also foosball and air hockey tables. Read on to find out more about Harvard Table Tennis.

Harvard is among the oldest and most recognizable names in game tables in the United States and is a subsidiary of Escalade Sports, which bought the brand in 1973.

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The company has seen its popularity and market share grow by leaps and bounds over the years. Harvard Ping Pong Tables, along with other Escalade brands such as Stiga Table Tennis and “Ping-Pong” have made Escalade Sports one of the largest producers of table tennis tables in the world.

Harvard has been in the table tennis business since the 1930s. It was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts (the location of Harvard University itself, and hence the name). Its philosophy, over the years, has been directed at delivering high quality equipment that enhances a sportsperson’s performance. This philosophy is perhaps best captured by one of the company’s slogans – “The Greatest Friend of Your Own Playing Skill is the Right Equipment”.

Harvard’s tables are typically designed for casual players, keeping in line with the Harvard philosophy. They complement the company’s other products which primarily revolve around casual games such as foosball, and air hockey. Harvard Table Tennis tables cover an entire spectrum of products, from cheap tables that require extensive assembly, to others with rollaway designs and high quality playing surfaces.

Given the wide range of options you can find a Harvard table tennis table that will fit your requirements perfectly. However, they are designed for more casual than club-level players and are not ideal for those looking for a competition-level table.

Some of the Harvard Ping Pong tables are the Harvard Pioneer, Quickplay 1 & 2, Instaplay and Champ 2. Among these, Harvard Quickplay, Eclipse, and Champ 2 are among the most popular models. Most of the models feature a fold and rollaway design that requires minimal assembly. These also feature a wooden top, sturdy steel legs, and wheels to make transportation and moving easier.

Harvard tables are ideal for slightly more casual players who want more value for money. These tables are sturdy, strong, and offer consistent game play.

Find Harvard Table Tennis Tables On Amazon.com