Joola City Outdoor Review

The Joola City Outdoor table is a 100{b1d3bb0ab2c4a3b3a79e110f19c38dd107a4c9030302f8451c66af4d56a3119b} weatherproof table fit for outdoor use. It is a very sturdy table and is an ideal choice for public areas like campsites, schools and parks.

Joola City Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Table review

It costs around US$4,000 and combines all the elements expected of high quality weatherpoof ping pong tables. It is completely weatherproof and is resistant to frost, heat, UV radiation and extreme temperatures.

The regular dimensions of the table are 9ft x 5ft x 30 inches and the table has a collapsible framework i.e. you can easily fold the table for storage purposes. Consequently, the table doesn’t require a large storage space and is low on maintenance.

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Joola City Outdoor – Built To Last

The Joola City Outdoor has a strong and sturdy basic steel framework made of hot dip galvanised solid rectangular tubing. It is imperative that a good table tennis table have a high quality framework and this Joola ping pong table delivers on that easily. Owing to the excellent quality of the steel used in the table, it is also extremely stable. It weighs a total of 190 kgs which is a little higher than normal but the good news is that despite the weight, it is quite convenient to install.

The next most important thing is the table top. Firstly, it is the playing surface and it needs to be flawless to increase the quality of the game. It has to be designed in such a way that it offers optimum bounce for play.

Secondly, the table top is also the most exposed part of the table and so, is very vulnerable to wearing off and erosion. Therefore, the table top needs to be strong and weather resistant, as well as technically sound. The City Outdoor delivers on that front also. The table top is coated with a layer of acrylic resin which performs the above mentioned functions effectively- it provides excellent bounce and thus enhances the quality of table tennis and secondly, it provides protection from any sort of potentially dangerous condition that might damage the table.

The table tennis table comes with an outdoor net set, and is designed in a manner so that the position of the net remains fixed. This is another feature which makes the table very easy to use and maintain.

Joola City Outdoor – Summary

All said and done, the Joola City Outdoor is a good choice table for outdoor use in public clubs, school playgrounds and competitions. It it built to withstand punishment and should prove to be a lasting investment.

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