Joola Excellent Outdoor Review

The Joola Excellent Outdoor is another one of the high quality Joola ping pong tables. Cost-wise it’s not the cheapest, at around US$1,000, but it has all the elements of a perfect outdoor weatherproof table tennis table – strength, durability, protection, safety and excellent game quality.

The Joola Excellent Outdoor is 100{b1d3bb0ab2c4a3b3a79e110f19c38dd107a4c9030302f8451c66af4d56a3119b} weatherproof as its table top is made of aluminium which makes it resistant to unfavourable weather conditions like stormy winds, heavy rainfall, frost etc. The aluminium also provides extra stability to the whole of the table and makes it technically sound.

The 22mm table’s playing surface is excellent with good bounce, and good players won’t feel like they’re compromising by using this surface. Improving and leisure players will enjoy playing on it’s superior surface. The table is supplied with a weatherproof net post.

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Joola Excellent Outdoor –¬†Portability

It has a set of eight wheels which facilitate movement. Both halves of this Joola table tennis table have four wheels. The table also offers individual playback facility for solo practice or warm up. The ping pong table also comes with a rugged trundle system which makes it easy to move the table from the basement to the patio.

It weighs 119 pounds which is a little lighter than the average table tennis table, so it’s very easy to set up and install. Features such as this ensure that even amateurs or people who have bought a table tennis table for the first time can manage it easily. At the same time, the table is also very popular amongst keen players for its simple, yet strong, design and features.

Joola Excellent Outdoor –¬†Summary

Joola table tennis tables have been used in many international tournaments and the this table also corresponds to the Europe Standard EN 14468- 1D, indicating high quality and safety. For parents looking to invest in a family table this is a reassurance.

This weatherproof Joola ping pong table is similar to other Joola tables with respect to its design and features. Joola tend to concentrate on the basics and make resilient table tennis tables. The Joola Excellent Outdoor is no exception, and we are happy to give it a recommendation.

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