Joola Inside Review

The Joola Inside is an entry level offering from Joola, and features a 16mm top, low weight, and rollaway design. Priced competitively at around US$400 it provides exceptional value for money.

Joola Inside table tennis table review

This table is ideal for beginners and amateurs looking to get their feet wet with the sport of table tennis, yet don’t want to spend a fortune on a high end table. This table is good enough to last a semi-serious player several years and provide hours of satisfying playing experience.

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Joola Inside – Table Features

First, let’s look at the features. It has a 16mm wooden table top. While this is lower than the 22mm prescribed by the ITTF for competition level tables, it is more than good for casual play. The 16mm top provides good bounce, speed, and consistent spin, and will fulfill all needs of casual players.

The 16mm table top is supported by a powder coated metal undercarriage that offers exceptional stability. Further, the table also has a double anti-tilting mechanism in place to prevent the table from tilting or sliding during play.


This table has been designed with mobility in mind, and is ridiculously easy to move. Both the halves can be folded up and the table can be rolled away using the 8 wheels.

Portability is an important consideration if you are short on space and can’t afford to dedicate an entire room to a permanent ping pong table in your house. At 137lbs, it is far lighter than most tables, and is easy to move around. If space is a consideration, then this is worth considering.

In terms of accessories, Joola includes a Compact net set which is easy to set up and replace.

Joola Inside – Summary

The Joola Inside might appear a very ‘bare-bones’ table at first glance. While it is true that its 16mm top and lightweight construction can’t match up to a competition level table, in terms of value for money, it is hard to beat. It may be light, but it is in no way fragile. The anti-tilting mechanism, stable legs, and rollaway design ensure that the table offers exceptional stability. The metal undercarriage might be lighter than a $2000 competition level table (which is expected), but it fulfills the needs of the average player more than adequately.

A 16mm top will never offer the same playing experience as a competition level table with a 22-25mm top, but at around $400, you’ll be hard pressed to find a table with similar features.

This is a table designed for players who are new to the sport, or those who have been playing for some time and don’t have the needs of a professional player. In our opinion the Joola Inside is a good table providing great value for money.

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