Joola Table Tennis Table Reviews

Joola table tennis tables are high quality products with a markedly classic flavor with traditional designs and materials. They feature high quality construction and strong attention to detail.

Joola Tables Reviewed

Joola Outdoor Pro table tennis table reviewJoola Outdoor Pro

(approx US$850)

Sturdy, weatherproof table tennis table. Suitable for family play, or quality outdoor matches.



Joola Inside table tennis table reviewJoola Inside

(approx US$400)

Outstanding value from this excellent table.



Joola Excellent Outdoor table tennis table reviewJoola Excellent Outdoor

(approx US$1,00)

A high quality weatherproof table, ideal for serious players, or families who want to invest in a safe and durable table.


Joola 2000-S table tennis table reviewJoola 2000-S

(approx US$1,500)

Competition level table. Solid construction with clean, simple design. A quality offering from Joola.


Joola Duomat table tennis table reviewJoola Duomat Table

(approx US$1,600)

Competition level, ITTF-approved indoor table. Top quality, as would be expected.



Joola City Outdoor table tennis table reviewJoola City Outdoor

(approx US$4,000)

Solidly built table aimed at schools, campsites and other frequent use outdoor areas.


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About Joola Table Tennis

Joola Table Tennis is one of the top manufacturers of table tennis equipment in the world, churning out one great product after another since 1952. Joola (pronounced ‘Yoo-Lah‘) was started as a table tennis equipment brand in the sports department of the Jooss store in Landau, Germany. Since then, the Joola brand has been making high quality equipment for amateurs and professionals alike.

Joola table tennis logoCompetitive Pedigree

Joola table tennis tables hold the distinction of being the official tables at the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics. This is a honour few manufacturers get, and is a testament to the high quality of Joola table tennis equipment.

Besides the Olympics, Joola, which makes all its equipment in Siebeldingen, Germany, has also provided tables for the 1999, 2000, and 2005 European Championships, and the Word Cup Mens and Womens from 2000 to 2006, along with many more international table tennis tournaments.

Joola ping pong tables focus more on design efficiency than fancy gimmicks. You will not find any radically shaped tables in their catalog. Joola has perfected the art of making solid, largely traditional tables that will leave a mark on anyone who plays on them. Joola’s range of tables are markedly inclined towards professional players, though their line-up also has lots of options for recreational use.

Joola Table Tennis – Consistent Design Quality

Joola has frequently associated itself with top players and has built its products keeping in mind their recommendations. As such, Joola’s tables and other equipment are much loved by professional and semi-professional players, who appreciate the attention to detail and classic construction.

Most importantly, Joola’s ping pong tables cater to every segment in the market – from high end tables for the consummate professional, to the tables for use in homes. Whatever your need, you’ll probably find something to love from Joola’s extensive range of tables.

Find Joola Table Tennis Tables On Amazon