Kettler Match 3 Reviews

The Kettler Match 3.0 ping pong table should be considered if you are a table tennis enthusiast looking to buy a quality table. Being a Kettler table, you can be assured of the quality and durability of this table tennis table.

All of the Kettler ping pong tables are made using German stainless steel. The whole production procedure is closely monitored to maintain their reputation for quality.

Kettler Match 3 table tennis table review

The Kettler Match 3.0 is a perfect blend of this age old brand name and the latest technological findings that enhance the quality of this ping pong table. The table is available in two versions- the outdoor Match 3 and the indoor Match 3.

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Kettler Match 3 – Outdoor Table

The outdoor Kettler Match 3.0 ping pong table has a completely weatherproof aluminium top panel. This is resistant to wearing off or corrosion due to changes in weather conditions. This is supplemented by an anti glare surface which is unaffected by rain or stormy winds. At the same time, it dampens sunlight so that light problems are not encountered while playing.

This weatherproof table tennis table has a collapsible framework and the folding mechanism is extremely easy to operate. It is easy to transport the table from one place to another because of the presence of 4 steerable wheels. The unique feature about the outdoor table tennis table is that it has a low centre of gravity with a clearance height of 171 cm which implies greater stability.

Kettler Match 3 – Indoor Table

The indoor version shares many features with the outdoor version of the ping pong table but at the same time, it has certain additional features that make it perfect for indoor use. As moving the table indoors can be a problem, the indoor table tennis table has an integrated transport carriage which makes it extremely convenient to move the table around.

It is normal for people to fold and unfold the table regularly if it is kept indoors. So, this table tennis table has a special mechanism by which the position of the net is unchanged even after repeated folding and unfolding. At the same time, the net remains taut and upright. The table also has a net and ball holder as an added advantage.

Storage can be a major problem for indoor ping pong tables. As the Kettler indoor table has an easy to operate folding mechanism, it occupies less space. So, you don’t have to worry about the space issues. It is also possible for you to train alone by unfolding one half of the table and putting it into playback mode.

Kettler Match 3 – Summary

This Kettler ping pong table delivers on all counts – quality, efficiency, convenience, durability and price.

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