Kettler Match 5 Review

The Kettler Match 5.0 Ping Pong table comes in indoor and outdoor versions. These are equipped with unique features which make them ideal for use in both sports clubs for professional use or right in your home for recreational purposes.

 Kettler Match 5 table tennis table review

The Kettler Match 5.0 table tennis table is one of the most popular of the whole Kettler range. The table is equipped with several exciting technical mechanisms, which make it a class apart. Kettler ping-pong tables have always been known for their high quality and German made stainless steel, and this table maintains that tradition.

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Kettler Match 5 – Outdoor Table

With the outdoor table tennis table (pictured), you can play out in the open without having to worry about the weather conditions adversely affecting your table.

The Kettler Match 5.0 outdoor table has a weatherproof aluminium top, which is resistant to corrosion caused by rough weather conditions. The edges of the table are supported by internal aluminium tubing while the central region is supported by solid steel tubing.

This weatherproof table tennis table also has the patented double lock mechanism, which is extremely easy to use. Using this mechanism, one can fold the table and so, it occupies less storage space. Even in the folded state, the net remains fixed in its position as it is made of top quality resin.

So, if you plan to savour the weather while playing ping-pong or you do not have enough space inside your house to accommodate the table, then the outdoor table tennis table is ideal for you.

Kettler Match 5 – Indoor Table

However, if you plan to keep the ping pong table in a club or inside your house, then you should opt for the indoor table. It comes with a 16mm special wooden top and an anti dazzle surface which resists the glare caused by the overheard lights. This makes it ideal for use in basements where light can often be a problem area.

The table also has a fixed net,which has an in built mechanism which keeps it taut and fixed all the time. So, you don’t have to worry about adjusting its position every time you fold or unfold it.

Speaking about folding, just like the outdoor weatherproof Kettler Match 5.0, the indoor table also has a collapsible frame and thus can be stored easily indoors. It is equally easy to transport the table as it has 4 wheels, two of which are diagonally positioned, thus ensuring smooth movement. To prevent the table from moving while in use, there are wheel shrouds and safety breaks.

Kettler Match 5 User Reviews

“Love the fun this ping pong table has brought to our yard this summer. We have moved it all around the yard, it sustains the rain & sprinkler system just fine, too. It was about a 2 hour assembly process, the directions could be improved, but we figured it out and love the newest addition to the yard.”

“It took three afternoons and two people putting the table together! A real nightmare. Dozens of bolts, screws, washers, handles, plastic and metal pieces and two heavy table tops. It is done now, and the table is very nice. It folds up with ease (esp if used by two people), is sturdy and has some nice features (like holders for paddles and balls).”

“Just got my outdoor 5.0 today. It is a super high quality table. Truly weather proof. I recommend using a cover for the winter months to keep bird droppings etc. off of it. It was tedious to put together. Do not get this table if you aren’t relatively fluent in reading assembly instruction hieroglyphics. Good value.”

Kettler Match 5 – Summary

Give yourself up to 4 hours to put this table together, but once it’s up it certainly is worthwhile.  Overall the Kettler Match 5 is a sturdy, resilient and extremely easy to manage table tennis table.

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