Kettler Riga Review

The Kettler Riga table is one table tennis table which is extremely popular among committed players. You would be surprised to see the kind of attention which is paid to every minute feature. Let’s have a closer look.

Kettler Riga table tennis table review

The Kettler Riga Pro is the perfect table tennis table for ping pong enthusiasts. It has the standard international tournament dimensions of 9ft x 5ft, and represents serious value. The indoor version costs around US$500 and the outdoor version around US$700.

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All Kettler ping pong tables are known for their top quality German made steel and the kind of technical research that goes into producing them. Kettler has its set of patented technologies which make their tables stand apart from others. The Riga is no exception to that. Besides all the regular Kettler features, it has some additional features which only add to the efficiency of the table.

Kettler Riga – Top Quality Playing Surface

One of the key aspects of any table tennis table is the playing surface. The top of the Kettler Riga table has a cabinet grade, medium-density wood fibre board. This is complemented by the high content of resin. Both these factors ensure that you get just the optimum bounce while playing. They also add to the stability of the table.

Additionally, the top is coated with a layer of aluminium which makes it resistant to weather conditions. The Alum Tec Climate Control mechanism works by preventing contraction or expansion of the metallic structure in varying climate. At the same time, it has an anti-glare mechanism by which the top doesn’t reflect too much light. This way, the light doesn’t interfere with the visibility range of the players.

Kettler Riga ping pong table foldedBuilt To Last

The Kettler Riga Pro is extremely resilient and durable and all efforts have being taken to maintain its strength. Usually, the edges of the table are most vulnerable to damage. But in this Kettler table tennis table, the edges are internally supported by square alluvium tubing. This keeps the table intact and the edges secure. The patented Safety Fold mechanism is installed to make sure that the table doesn’t open or close accidentally.

Storage is not an issue with this table due to its collapsible structure. In fact, owing to this, the table can also be used for individual playback by folding one side. Additionally, Kettler ping pong tables are designed to have a low centre of gravity which makes for greater stability and easier storage. The dual caster wheels are provided to facilitate transport of the table.

Kettler Riga – Summary

The Kettler Riga Pro is available in green and blue and a set of nets is included with the table (these nets have a built-in mechanism which keeps them fixed and taut even if the table is unfolded regularly).

One can see the kind of attention paid to every minute technical aspect and this is precisely why the table is a favourite among committed table tennis players It combines strength and durability with modern technical features.

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