Kettler Stockholm Review

The Kettler Stockholm table is one of the most esteemed ping pong tables produced by the company, and has emerged as one of the bestsellers.

Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table Review

The Stockholm table is a high quality table tennis table from Kettler International, one of the most renowned manufacturers of ping pong tables. This model is one of their most successful tables. Besides being strong and high quality, it is very versatile with folding and moving being super-easy.

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Kettler Stockholm – Powerful Construction

It is made of heavy gauge steel which provides strength and resilience. This also supports the table centrally ensuring that the ping pong table is durable. There are certain unique features about the Kettler Stockholm table which distinguish it from other ping pong tables. The problem with many table tennis tables is that they are weakest in the central area i.e. where the two halves converge. As a result of this, the table begins to collapse gradually. But Kettler have ensured that this does not happen by providing central support.

Additionally, the table remains in the locked state while it is in the playing position or even in the folded position. This way, the chances of the table collapsing are completely eliminated. The lines on the table are silk-screened which is resistant to scratching and fading, adding to durability.

Indoor and Outdoor Features

The Kettler Stockholm Table comes in outdoor and indoor versions. The indoor tables (approx US$550), which has a 3/4 inch top can be used equally efficiently for personal or professional purposes. It is a foldaway, rollaway table and so, it is extremely convenient to set up and to fold. It also comes with a better and stronger undercarriage and braking system.

However, if you need a table for fresh-air use, then you can opt for the Kettler Stockholm outdoor ping pong table (approx US$800). It has a 7/8 inch weatherproof aluminium top which is resistant to rough weather conditions. The best part about this table is that despite incorporating many features, it is very low maintenance.

It comes with exciting features like upgraded leg assembly which ensures that the settings of the table are not disturbed while you fold or unfold it. As it can be very easily folded, it hardly requires any storage space. So, it is ideal for use both at home or in sports clubs.

Both versions can also be used for solo practice by putting it into playback position (this can be done in seconds). The table is equally stable in this position.

Kettler Stockholm – Summary

The Kettler Stockholm table tennis table can help solve your problems – be they weather related, or space related. This is a table that is popular because it delivers. It is compact, sleek, high quality and highly versatile. Simply choose the version that best suits your requirements best.

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