Kettler Ping Pong Table Reviews

Typically a Kettler ping pong table is highly regarded among table tennis players. Kettler International has been one of the leading producers of table tennis tables for over 6 decades.

Kettler Tables Reviewed


Kettler Stockholm table tennis table reviewKettler Stockholm Table

(approx US$550 and US$800)

Indoor and outdoor versions of this popular table.


Kettler Top Star Ping Pong Table

(approx US$800)

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this aluminium table is worthy of consideration.


Kettler Match 3 table tennis table reviewKettler Match 3

(approx US$550 and US$800)

Indoor and outdoor versions of this good looking table.


Kettler Match 5 table tennis table reviewKettler Match 5

(approx US$600 and US$750)

Indoor and outdoor versions.


Kettler Riga table tennis table reviewKettler Riga Table

(approx US$500 and US$700)

Indoor and outdoor versions. One of our favourite tables with a host of great features.

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About Kettler Table Tennis

The company was established by Heinz Kettler in 1949 in Germany and ever since, it has earned a name for itself for making top quality tables.

Kettler is known for manufacturing all its products in a state-of-the-art manner and its table tennis tables are highly valued for the German made steel, highly regarded for its quality and durability.

Technical Innovation

Kettler has several manufacturing patents to its name, not only this, some of their features are also exclusively owned by them. The manufacturing process is monitored carefully from beginning to the end and is backed by thorough research.

Kettler ping pong tables are produced using a 3 dimensional welding technology, so that all joints and edges are smooth and durable. The producers are so sure of their quality that they offer a complete 5 year guarantee.

Portable and Safe

Kettler produce a wide range of tables varying in their features and specifications. They are very flexible and thus storage is not a problem at all. They all come with a Dual Lock Safety Mechanism which keeps the table stationary while you are playing ping pong. All of them provide excellent bounce and thus ensure great performance. The edges are supported by aluminium channels and are resistant to any sort of wearing out.

Typically, Kettler ping pong tables are strong, durable and with a commitment to precision and detail. In the field of table tennis they are one of the most reputed manufacturers.

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