Killerspin MyT-O (MyT7 Outdoor) Review

The Killerspin MyT-O table tennis table is another masterpiece produced by the renowned equipment manufacturer. This is the new name for the MyT 7 Outdoor table. This outdoor ping pong table is a complete package as it is strong, resilient and technically advanced.

Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor table tennis table review

The basic dimensions of the table are as follows- 107.8″ x 60″ x 29.9″. Although the Killerspin MyT-O  outdoor  is specifically designed for outdoor use, at the same time, it also can also double up as a good quality indoor ping pong table.

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Killerspin MyT-O – Quality Playing Surface

The table features a weatherproof 4mm thick aluminium and plastic top that provides quality precision play without compromising on the durability. The top is covered by 16 individual layers of coating using a process called ‘Repeat Roller Coating’ (RRC) that further enhances the table’s spin, speed, and bounce.

Every good table tennis table must have a strong and tough basic frame. It is this frame that forms the backbone of the table. The frame is even more important in case of an outdoor table because the table will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The Killerspin MyT-O / MyT7 Outdoor table comes with a steady 20mm x 50mm frame which is made of heavy gauge metal. This is in turn encased in a 35mm square metal frame. This frame is one of the many reasons as to why this table is highly recommended for both club table tennis players and recreational players.

Portability and Storage

Additionally, this table tennis table has steel legs that further increase the strength of the table. You can also adjust the height of the Killerspin MyT-O / MyT7 Outdoor by a special mechanism present in these legs. As the table is designed in the rollaway style, it has wheels which make it very easy to transport the table. These wheels, in turn, have their own set of locks so that the table remains steady when it’s stationary.

Storage space is an important issue when it comes to ping pong tables. Normally, because of their large size and heavy weight, it can be a problem storing them especially inside homes. The makers at Killerspin understand these problems and so, the table has a collapsible structure i.e. each half can be folded individually. This makes it extremely convenient to fold and unfold the table and additionally, the table doesn’t occupy too much space either. A safety locking system is also provided to make sure that the table is placed safely while folding and unfolding.

The Killerspin outdoor table is also ideal for solo play or warm up. In case you want to do that, you just have to unfold a single half and it will hold perfectly well.

Killerspin MyT-O User Reviews

“This is the best ping-pong table I’ve found for the backyard, and it serves the purpose very well. Looks great, and the construction promises decent longevity. Unlike other products reviewed on Amazon, this table was extremely easy to assemble – less than 15 minutes, which could be halved if I didn’t do it alone. The only problem that I experience is that the bounce is mediocre at best. This stems from using aluminum as the material for the top – perhaps an inevitable sacrifice to make it weather-resistant. By reviews, it looks like all outdoor tables have this problem, so I’m simply adjusting playing style to it… Feels a bit like clay court in tennis after a hard court – but hey, people play it and actually like it!”

“Very easy to set up,15 minutes top, just screw 4 legs on and your done. Other tables we seen said takes 1 hour to set up, so I bought this one and sure glad we did, up and playing in 15 minutes and great quality. We keep by our pool and kids and adults love it.”

Killerspin MyT-O Summary

The Killerspin MyT-O / MyT7 Outdoor table is ideal for serious amateurs and families looking for an outdoor table. At around $900 price range, this is among the best outdoor tables you can buy that not only offer precision play, but also durability and a long life.

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