Killerspin MyT Outdoor Street Edition Review

The Killerspin MyT Street Edition outdoor table is one of the top offerings from Killerspin, a company renowned for the quality of its table tennis equipment. At US$1,100 the MyT Street is a well-priced table, and it doesn’t cut corners on quality.

Killerspin MyT Outdoor Street Edition Table Tennis Table Review

The Killerspin MyT Street Edition has been designed to resist the vagaries of weather. It’s perfect for outdoor use, yet wouldn’t look out of place inside your house or in the basement.

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Killerspin MyT Outdoor Street Edition – Quality Table Top

The table top becomes very important in an outdoor ping pong table because it is exposed to the extremes of hot, cold, sun and rain. So, it is most vulnerable to damage or weathering off. This particular outdoor table comes with a 4mm thick aluminium plastic top which is completely weatherproof. The top has 16 layers of coating via a process known as ‘Repeat Roller Coating’ that reduces glare, enhances the life of the table, and improves the spin, bounce, and speed offered by the top.

The second most important thing in any table tennis table is its basic framework. The structure has to be strong yet mildly flexible so that the table doesn’t become too rigid. This table is backed by a solid 35mm heavy gauge metal frame. This frame is complemented by steel legs which have an in built mechanism whereby you can adjust the height of the table. This, in turn makes the table pliant and flexible. But what truly sets this apart from others is the cutting edge design which features a white metal frame and a black top. Not only does this add to the beauty of the table, it also makes it more resilient.

Table Features

Additionally, this outdoor ping pong table offers many other benefits which add to your comfort and convenience. Firstly, it has a collapsible structure, so it can be folded and unfolded regularly. This also implies that it can fit perfectly in a very small storage space.

Secondly, it also supports the individual playback position which can be used for warm ups before games.

Thirdly, it comes with wheels so you can easily move it around. These wheels have their own secure locks which ensure that the table remains fixed when you want it to.

Killerspin MyT Outdoor Street Edition – Summary

With all these features, the Killerspin MyT Street outdoor table tennis table is an intelligent choice if you are planning to buy a table. Priced aggressively in the sub-$1000 range, the MyT offers tremendous value for money with its durable construction, high portability, and quality playing surface.

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