Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro Review

To take your table tennis game to the next level, it takes a special kind of table. And for thousands of players around the world, the Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro table tennis table has proven itself time and time again.

With an attractive design, solid construction and all the little extras you could ask for from a high quality ping pong table, it’s easy to see why so many players – amateurs and professionals alike – have made ite their table of choice. 

Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro table tennis table reviewKillerspin MyT10 ClubPro Table Tennis Table Features & Details

  • Play Position Dimensions: 107.8in H x 60in L x 36in W
  • Folded Table Dimensions: 64in H x 60in L x 36in W
  •  Weighs 275lbs – rock-solid
  • Playing surface is made from high quality, 25mm MDF
  • Logo-free table top
  • Available in blue or black colors
  • Heavy gauge metal edge banding and a 50mm square metal frame
  • Comes with a top of the line Killerspin net and post system
  • Easy to roll wheels and easy folding and storage

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Responsive Table Top

If you’ve grown weary with ping pong tables that bounce the ball every which direction, except the one you need, you’ll love the responsive table top built of Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro. With its superior quality, 25mm MDF surface and repeat rollercoating, balls go exactly where you intended, during practice or tournament play.

Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro table tennis table foldedIt is fair to warn potential customers, though, that because this table is so precise and responsive, it may take little bit of time to get used to. Once you do, though, you can expect your serves and returns to be head and shoulders above what they used to be.

Easy Storage

Let’s be honest here – not many people have the space needed to store a full sized ping pong table around the clock. Thankfully, the MyT10 is designed to be easy to store away.

It folds simply to a more compact size, and with it’s easy-to-maneuver wheels you can store or set up the table virtually anywhere you want. When floorspace is at a premium you’re sure to appreciate just how compact this table is when it is fully folded.

Choose Your Color

The MyT10 ClubPro is available in blue or black, so choose the one that feels good for your eye. Whatever you choose it looks stunning, and will catch the eye of all you play with.


Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro Table Tennis Table – Summary

Coming in at under $1500 is a tall order for a high quality, professional style tennis table, but Killerspin have succeeded with the introduction of this higher end, indoor tennis table.

If you’ve been looking for the table to bring out your best ping pong skills, you simply can’t go wrong with the Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro table tennis table.

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