Killerspin MyT3 Review

The Killerspin MyT3 is an entry-level table tennis table from one of the top manufacturers in the world. Affordably priced, at around US$550, this is an affordable ping pong table, perfect table for beginners getting their feet wet in the game, and casual players or families looking for an addition to the recreation room.

The Killerspin MyT3 features a 12mm medium density fiberboard top with a special repeat roller coating that reduces glare and improves the life of the table. The table rests on a 30mm thick square metal frame, and is supported by a 13mm by 23mm metal banding. This lends exceptional durability to the table.

Killerspin MyT3 table tennis table review - affordable ping pong tableKillerspin MyT3 –¬†Easily Moved

In terms of dimensions, the MyT3 measures 107.8″ x 60″ x 29.9″ and weighs 185 lbs. Perhaps the best part of the MyT3 is the rollaway design which makes moving the table effortlessly easy – just fold up the two halves, and roll away the table using the eight metal wheels.

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The 12mm medium density fiberboard top offers adequate thickness for most casual players, and gives a nice balance between low price and consistent bounce. The 16 layers of special Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) further enhance the quality of the playing surface, which is available in green or blue finish. Needless to say, this table will give you a great playing experience for years before your skills outgrow it.


Another consideration for casual buyers is stability and durability. A table tennis table can be a significant expense. Ping-pong tables usually tend to get abused around the house, often used as a regular surface to keep things. This is especially true for casual buyers or families who may not have a dedicated recreation room to keep the table in. The strength of the table’s construction, therefore, becomes quite important.

With a 30mm thick square metal frame, the Killerspin MyT3 is as durable as they come. Killerspin has focused obsessively on the strength of the frame and the results are quite apparent. But despite the strong, heavy frame, the table is quite light at just 185 lbs. Set-up is extremely easy with just eight nuts and bolts required for assembly.

The cherry on the cake is the rollaway design which is a must have for casual buyers. This makes it effortlessly easy to move the table around – something you might have to do a lot considering the space crunch most homes have. Just fold up the two table halves and you are good to go using the four sets of attached wheels.

Killerspin MyT3 User Review

I bought the MyT3 for my 10 year old son. He had started playing frequently at a friend’s house and was begging for his own table. My husband and I decided that it would be nice for the whole family and decided to purchase one. After, going to several big retailers we realized that many of the tables looked like they wouldn’t last more than a week. The quality we were expecting definitely wasn’t there. My kids can be very hard on their toys and I wanted to make sure that we bought a product that would last. The MyT3 has withstood many a slumber party and is still ticking! We’re very happy with our purchase and will continue to buy Killerspin products.

Killerspin MyT3 Table Tennis Table – Summary

All in all, the Killerspin MyT3 is a great table for beginners, casual players and families. Priced low, this table has all the ingredients that make a table great – quality top, strong frame, and user-friendly design. If it’s value for money you want, then the MyT3 is definitely worthy of consideration.

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