Killerspin MyT7 Indoor Review

The Killerspin MyT7 is a great mid-range table ideal for serious amateurs, as well as casual players who demand the best. With an 18mm top, high quality construction, sturdy frame, and the Killerspin hallmark quality, the MyT7 is among the best sub $1000 tables you can buy. We take a closer look at this table in this review.

Killerspin MyT7 Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Killerspin MyT7 is a high quality table at an affordable price (US$850) – the perfect choice for beginners and experienced players alike. The MyT7 is ideal for practice halls, recreation rooms, and can stand on its own in competition settings too. There is also an outdoor version of this table, called the MyT-O.

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Killerspin MyT7 – Playing Surface

In terms of features, the Killerspin MyT7 has an 18mm medium density fiberboard (MDF) top. While most competition level tables have a top thickness between 22-25mm, for most purposes, an 18mm top is more than adequate. You have the choice of either blue or black colors for the top. The top is also coated using the unique Repeat Roller Coating that uses 16 coats of paint to reduce glare, provide optimum bounce, and enhance the life of the top.

The frame is made of 40mm thick metal, and has a 20mm x 50mm heavy gauge metal edge banding. In terms of dimensions, the table measures 107.8″ x 60″ x 29.9″, and weighs 225 lbs.

Storage and Portability

The MyT7 is made on the rollaway design that makes transportation incredibly easy. All you have to do is fold up the two halves, and roll the table away using the four sets of wheels. Once folded, the table measures a mere 64″ high, 60″ long, and 30″ wide. The rollaway design and the reduced dimensions of the table once folded are important considerations, particularly if you are short on space. The table also comes with a free premium Killerspin net set.

As mentioned before, the MyT7 is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. Although its 18mm top might not fit the criteria of a competition level table (which usually have 22-25mm tops), it is good enough for serious play. This is the ideal table for practice if you are a committed club player or serious leisure player. For competition level play, however, you may want to invest in a higher end table.

Killerspin MyT7 Club Pro Version

As well as the standard indoor MyT7, there is also an enhanced ‘premium’ version – the MyT7 ClubPro. The ClubPro has the same specs as the MyT7, is available in black or blue, and has bigger, more durable wheels for easier transportation. This table comes in around US$950 and if you want a table that looks as good as it plays, the MyT7 ClubPro is perfect for you.

Killerspin, the company behind the MyT7, has built up a reputation over the years as one of the top manufacturers of table tennis equipment, particularly in the US. Indeed, few companies have done as much to promote the cause of the sport in the United States as Killerspin with its extensive coverage of events, sponsorship deals, and high quality equipment. Killerspin is among the most respected brands in ping pong today, and the Killerspin MyT7 continues the tradition of excellence established by the company.

Killerspin MyT7 – Summary

The Killerspin MyT7 is priced very aggressively in the sub $1000 range. As such, it provides tremendous value for money. The space saving rollaway design, high quality top, and low price make it an ideal choice for serious amateurs, or club players who want a quality practice table.

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