Killerspin Table Tennis – Seriously Cool!

Killerspin table tennis tables offer top quality, cool looks and competitive pricing.

Killerspin Tables Reviewed


Killerspin MyT9

(approx US$1,100)

Excellent indoor table. Easy and quick to set up, with a consistent and reliable playing surface.


Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro table tennis table review

Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro

(approx US$1,300)

Top quality at a very reasonable price. Perfect for serious players who demand the best.


Killerspin MyT3 table tennis table reviewKillerspin MyT3

(approx US$550)

Affordable ping pong table with good quality. Ideal family table.


Killerspin MyT Street table tennis table reviewKillerspin MyT Street

(approx US$900)

A fabulous outdoor ping pong table at a great price. Serious quality.


Killerspin MyT7 indoor table tennis table reviewKillerspin MyT7 indoor

(approx US$850)

Good looking table for the serious player.


Killerspin MyT-O outdoor table tennis table reviewKillerspin MyT-O Outdoor

(approx US$900)

The outdoor version of the MyT7. Quality throughout, durable and portable.


Killerspin Revolution table tennis table reviewKillerspin Revolution

(approx US$2,000)

A top quality table with breathtaking looks. Not just a pretty face!


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About Killerspin Table Tennis

Killerspin has probably done more to spread the word about table tennis in the United States than any other company. Its range of tables is particularly exciting, with some radically shaped designs. Killerspin’s equipment has its own unique flavor.

Killerspin is an instantly recognizable brand name. While its marketing can certainly be given partial credit for the brand recognition, it also helps that it makes some of the best tables, blades, and rubbers you can ever lay your hands on.

Promoting The Beautiful Game

Based out of Chicago it was created primarily to promote the beautiful game (as they put it) of table tennis. Few companies are more enthusiastic and passionate about table tennis than Killerspin, and it shows not only in its product range, but also in its prodigious support of tournaments and players – amateur as well as professional.

Killerspin table tennis tables are markedly different from competitors such as Stiga, Kettler or Butterfly. As part of its marketing blitzkrieg, their tables have a more ‘extreme’ design to appeal to a wider, younger audience. The radical shapes of the Revolution (pictured), for instance, can certainly pique the curiosity of even those who have never been interested in table tennis.

Broad Product Range

Their tables cover the whole range, from economical tables meant for amateurs, to high end tables meant for professionals. Killerspin table tennis tables are well known for their reliability and attention to detail.

Their reputation has been built on the extensive work it has done to promote the sport of table tennis over the past few years. Through tournaments such as the Killerspin Extreme Table Tennis Championship, and the Arnold Classic Championship, it has brought table tennis to the mainstream in a country (USA) where it has not gained much footing as a popular sport.

Killerspin ping pong tables are amongst the best in the world, with a unique flavor and obsessive attention to detail.

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