Top Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

(Weatherproof Table Tennis Tables)

An outdoor ping pong table is a must-have for many lovers of table tennis. Buying the right outdoor table tennis table, however, can be quite a challenge, especially considering all the variables one has to keep in mind. This article will de-mystify weatherproof tables, but let’s begin with some specific tables you may want to consider.

Outdoor Ping-Pong Table Reviews


Butterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway table tennis tableButterfly Outdoor Home Rollaway (around US$800). Offers exceptional value for money, is highly durable, and is very easy to move, store, and set-up. Designed specifically for outdoor areas, this will be a welcome addition to your pool, patio, or porch.


Killerspin MyT-O outdoor table tennis table review - best selling tablesKillerspin MyT-O (around US$900). A well-priced table which doesn’t cut corners on quality. Top quality. Looks great, too.



Joola Excellent Outdoor Table Tennis Table reviewJoola Excellent Outdoor (around US$1,000). Has all the elements of a perfect outdoor weatherproof table tennis table – strength, durability, protection, safety and excellent game quality.



Cornilleau Sport 500M outdoor table tennis tableCornilleau Sport 500M (around $1,400). The outdoor version of this stylish table. Seriously good quality with an excellent playing surface.




Joola City Outdoor Ping Pong Table ReviewJoola City Outdoor (around US$4,000). Not a rollaway table, this one is the perfect choice for busy outdoor areas. Very durable.



An outdoor ping pong table is a great investment as you no longer need to be holed up inside a basement or a cramped room. Now you can take in the fresh air and the sunlight outside.

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Buying An Outdoor Ping Pong Table –¬†Factors To Consider

The most important thing in any table is the playing surface. Different materials offer different kind of bounce, spin and speed. You have the option of choosing between metal, wood, and synthetic laminate/fibreboard surfaces.

Although opinion on this tends to differ, most serious players agree that a metal surface offers more speed and bounce than a wooden one, which in turn offers greater spin than a synthetic laminate/fibreboard surface.

Outdoor ping pong tables have to brave the elements, including extreme heat, cold, and rain. Therefore, waterproofing becomes an important factor. Without adequate waterproofing, the wood may swell up and distort, whilst metal may rust, negatively impacting the performance of the table. This is an important factor to weigh up when you are buying an outdoor table.

Besides the rain, too much sun can distort the table too. It’s worthwhile investing in a plastic cover for the playing surface. This will also help protect it from UV rays which can distort the surface colors.

Keep in mind that even the best quality outdoor ping pong table will not serve your needs unless the weather is conducive to playing outside. If it is particularly windy, you will find the ball splaying in all directions, while you will find it quite impossible to wield a racket if it is too cold.

Take It Indoors Too

It’s for this reason that most outdoor tables are actually outdoor-indoor ping pong tables, which can be folded and wheeled under cover. For the simple sake of flexibility, it makes a lot of sense, particularly if you happen to live in an area with extreme weather conditions. It’s also a great option for players who don’t like to be holed up inside all of the time.

Outdoor ping pong tables tend to be a bit more expensive, due to their rollaway mechanisms and the fact the surfaces need more attention to weatherproof them. However, this difference in price can easily be justified because of the greater flexibility they offer. Families who want to have an outdoor past-time that can be carried indoors when the weather is not favorable will particularly prefer such an option.

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