Stiga Edge Review

The Stiga Edge is a reasonable choice if you only play table tennis very occasionally. At around US$220 it is a very affordable ping pong table, but if you are serious about your game then you may want to invest in something a bit more substantial.

Stiga Edge ping pong table review

The Edge doesn’t have a top specification, but will still allow you to enjoy a game with your friends. Stiga have done a great job in producing a table at this price, and it is a great way for a family of individual to get a start in the game.

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Stiga Edge – Table Features

The table boasts a ½ inch thick top, and it offers reasonable levels of stability, although you will want to make sure that nobody puts any weight on it. Make sure your kids don’t sit on it.

The table can be used in playback mode, so it is perfect for home practice. It has 4 wheels and folds away for easy storage. In fact, opening and closing is simple.

Stiga Edge User Review

“This table is amazing! I just finished putting this together a couple of days ago and i cant quit playing on it!! It will take about an hour and a half to put together maybe a little longer depending on how many people you have to help you. Requires 2 people to put together completely!! trust me i tried to do it myself and i could not no matter what i did!!

All in all wonderful table and store away wonderful!!!”

Stiga Edge – Summary

The Stiga Edge is a basic, no-frills table that is ideal for those beginning on a tight budget. Don’t get us wrong, it is a nice table, but if you think you will be playing a lot then we would recommend that you invest a little bit more and take a look at the Stiga Legacy, which comes in at less than $400.

Having said that, the Edge is still a great entry-level table and will give you a lot of fun. And after all, that’s the reason most of us play ping pong.

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