Stiga STS 275 Review

The Stiga STS 275  is the perfect ping pong table for families and serious players alike. A durable, high quality and good looking table, this offering from Stiga lives up to the brand’s reputation and will satisfy players of every level. At around US$650 it represents really good value too.

Stiga STS 275 table tennis table review

Stiga STS 275 – Quality Playing Surface

The first thing you’ll notice about the Stiga STS 275 is the 3/4″ thick tournament blue top. Smooth, with even bounce and optimum spin, this top provides a great playing experience. You never have to worry about uneven bounce, the ball spinning out of control, or inconsistent speed on this surface.

Closer inspection reveals a 2″ steel support apron that provides enhanced support and stability. This table has been designed to withstand any abuse you can throw at it, and features like the support apron only add to its durability and strength. The square 2″ thick legs provide further stability. You can be sure that this table will last a very long time.

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Very Easy To Move and Store

Stiga has paid a lot of attention to the issue of portability in this table. Consequently, it has been furnished with a set of four 5-inch silver mag ball-bearing wheels which not only look great but are highly functional.

Moving the table is a breeze and the wheels add a definite modern look. The wheels are stabilized by a molded caster beam panel that adds to the sleek, modern design. You can be sure that this table will catch a lot of eyeballs in your game room.

The Stiga STS 275 table tennis table is designed for use in small game rooms. Consequently, it has been furnished with a heavy duty chassis that also supports playback position for solo practice.

The two table halves fold up effortlessly; when you are done playing, you can simply roll it out of the way and tuck it into a corner. Those with limited space in their game room/living room will appreciate this design that provides exceptional portability without compromising on design and aesthetics.

Further adding to the modern looks of the Stiga STS275 Table Tennis Table are a set of corner pads. The table comes with net and posts, although this isn’t of the highest quality – it will be enough to get you started, however. Other features include self-opening legs which open up automatically when the table is lowered from storage to playing position.

Weights and Measures

The Stiga STS 275 measures 60 x 30 x 108 inches and weighs in at a hefty 220 lbs. When folded the table size is 28″w x 60″d x 74″h.

The table can be somewhat difficult to assemble and it needs two people.  Some users have complained that the instructions aren’t very clear at times. Perhaps Stiga could take a leaf or two out of its fellow Swedish company, IKEA’s instruction manuals.

The instructions are only a minor hiccup, however, and the playing experience more than makes up for any assembly issues. Priced around $650, the Stiga STS 275  provides great value for money when compared with its competitors in the same price range. The 3/4″ thick top and heavy duty construction alone justify the price tag.

Stiga STS 275 – Summary

In short, the Stiga STS 275 ping pong table is perfect for families and individual players who want a high quality table that can withstand a lot of abuse. It looks great and will brighten up any game room with its sleek, modern design. If you have kids, or tend to play roughly, this is the ideal table for you and will give you years and years of joy.

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