Stiga STS 410Q Review

The Stiga STS 410Q is a mid to high range ping pong table that will fit the needs of many styles of player. At around US$800 and with obvious quality construction and design, giving a great playing experience this is sure to prove a popular choice.

Stiga STS 410q table tennis table review

Stiga is a world leader in table tennis equipment, and its products have been used in major world championships, including the Olympics. Many professionals swear by the Stiga brand, and amateurs dream of owning a table manufactured by this company. The STS 410Q offering meets the high standards of quality set by other tables in the company’s stable, and in many respects, even goes beyond the performance they offer.

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Stiga STS 410Q – Technical Specifications & Features

The table weighs in at a hefty 308lbs when shipped, 284lbs otherwise. It is a professional tournament sized table that measures 108 x 60 x 30 inches.

The Stiga STS 410Q table tennis table has a heavy duty, 1″ thick tournament blue top. A 2″ steel apron imparts stability and durability to the entire setup. 2″ thick self-opening steel legs further complete the package. The construction is solid and sturdy throughout, and you will feel confident playing on this table.

A set of four 4″ silver mag ball bearing wheels provide ample portability. The chassis that the wheels rest on is made of high quality, durable steel. You can rest assured that the table will last you a very long time, no matter how much you use it.

Also included with the Stiga STS 410Q table tennis table is a set of tournament grade net and posts. Padded corners provide additional protection while playing and also enhance the table’s overall looks.

Great Playability and Portability

The 1″ thick top provides a very satisfying playing experience. A lot of lower end tables offer inconsistent bounce, speed or spin, which can easily ruin a game. But this offering from Stiga offers a tournament grade playing experience that better players will appreciate tremendously.

Besides the playing quality, movability is another important consideration when buying a ping pong table, especially if you are looking to buy something for family recreation or indoor use.

Table tennis tables can be quite large and heavy, making it difficult to move them from one place to another. Fortunately, the Stiga STS 410Q has a heavy duty chassis with a set of 4 silver mag alloy wheels and a foldaway design that makes moving the table a child’s play. You simply have to fold up both halves and roll away the table to wherever you please.

Set-Up In About 5 Minutes

Another great feature of the Stiga STS 410Q table tennis table is the easy, no-tools required assembly. If you’ve ever tried to assemble a ping pong table before, you know that it can leave even the most hardened IKEA-enthusiast fuming.

Given the size and weight of a standard table, it can take anything from 30 minutes to several hours to get a table to playing condition. This Stiga ping pong table, however, bypasses all that hassle with a tool free assembly that takes barely five minutes (the company claims 3 minutes on promotional material).

This is definitely a major plus point for those uncomfortable or unwilling to spend hours jousting with a table.

Other features include support for playback position so that you can play by yourself and self-opening legs that automatically open up when the table is lowered from storage to playing position.

Stiga STS 410Q User Reviews

The table is a beautiful table and the 1 inch thickness does make a difference so if you can afford a 1 inch table, go for it! The ball bounces nicely and the table is VERY sturdy. The tables we’ve played on have all been 3/4 inch. My family and friends will definitely enjoy this table for years to come. I’ve already received request to host a ping pong tourney! So if you are interested in this table, buy it. You will not be disappointed.”

“Have had this a couple of years now. Very good quality, solid feeling table. Bounces true – much better than the one it replaced. The only minor gripe is that it can be hard to fold up.”

“This is the second time I’ve ordered this table for our residential community’s Ping Pong Club. The second table received in October 2009 is a duplicate of the first one received on March 2009.
This is truly a table worthy of being used in organized Table Tennis play and easily satisfactory for lesser demanding play.
All of our play participants are happy with the one-inch thick table top, the ease of opening and closing, portability, and are happy that we have two great tables. The tables are well worth the cost. We ordered the first one based on the well-known name (Stiga) and the one-inch thickness. The thickness was a pre-requisite that we knew would give truer bounces of the ball. The portability was a delight and we are happy that the table has 4-inch casters.”

Stiga STS 410Q – Summary

The Stiga STS 410Q table tennis table costs around $800 and is arguably one of the most affordable professional quality tables you will find. It comes in a brilliant blue color that will look good in living rooms and gymnasiums alike.

The high quality playing surface, practical, easy to move design and heavy duty construction make this one of the best ping pong tables you can buy for this money. We give this a strong recommendation.

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