Stiga Table Tennis Table Reviews

A Stiga table tennis table is a Scandinavian masterpiece. Ping-pong enthusiasts across the world recognise and respect this iconic Swedish table tennis table manufacturer.

Stiga Tables Reviewed


Stiga Expert Table Tennis Table ReviewStiga Expert

(approx US$1,200)

A very popular, high quality table.



Stiga STS 410Q table tennis table reviewStiga STS 410Q

(approx US$800)

A seriously attractive table that offers great game play, and has high quality built-in.



Stiga STS 275 table tennis table reviewStiga STS 275

(approx US$650)

A good looking, durable table, ideal for those with rough-and-tumble kids.



Stiga Ultratec table tennis table reviewStiga Ultratec

(approx US$600)

Solid, all-round table. Ideal for improving players and families.




Stiga Daytona table tennis table reviewStiga Daytona

(approx US$475)

A good-looking, well-built table. Great value for money.



Stiga Insta Play table tennis table reviewStiga Insta Play

(approx US$560)

A straight-out-of-the-box table that will have you playing within minutes.



Stiga Legacy table tennis table reviewStiga Legacy

(approx US$399)

A budget table tennis table that looks good and plays well. A nice offering from Stiga.



Stiga Edge table tennis table reviewStiga Edge

(approx US$220)

An amazingly-priced table from top brand Stiga. Perfect for occassional players.


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About Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga table tennis table logoStiga is well known in it’s home country as a manufacturer of sports equipment, lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc. However, it is Stiga’s table tennis tables that are exported all over the world and have earned this Swedish company its fame. This brand name is ubiquitous across the globe on everything from bats and balls to shoes and tables.

Tables for All Levels of Player

Stiga makes table tennis equipment for everyone, from the amateur player practising in their basement, to professionals squaring off against each other in world-class competitions.

Stiga’s ping-pong tables are the amongst most respected among its wide range of offerings. All its competition level tables are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and offer a high quality surface for precision play. These are ideal for professionals looking for a quality table that offers consistent bounce, speed and spin and fit as well in a training room as in a competition setting.

Consistent High Quality

All its tables, regardless of price, size, or function are made of high quality, durable materials that can withstand the rigours of the game. You would not really expect anything less from a company that claims to have been ‘Building world champions since 1944’.

While it is Stiga table tennis tables that the company is most famous for, it is also one of the largest manufacturers of bats, balls, nets, shoes, and other table tennis equipment. In fact, if you are a table tennis enthusiast, chances are quite high that you have either used or seen a Stiga product and the famous tilting S logo.

Stiga ping pong tables should be high on your priority list if you are looking to buy a table tennis table any time soon.

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