Stiga Ultratec Review

The Stiga Ultratec table tennis table is an indoor offering from Stiga aimed at families and amateur players looking for a professional quality table at an affordable price. With a range of features that would make a $1000 table appear inadequate, this US$600 ping pong table fits into multiple roles, and fulfills them with aplomb.

Stiga Ultratec table tennis table review

Stiga Ultratec –¬†Technical Specifications & Features

The Stiga Ultratec offers a very high quality and consistent playing experience thanks to the 3/4″ thick black top. The thickness and quality of the top ensures optimum speed, spin and bounce every time you play.

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Support and stability is provided by a 2″ steel apron and 2″ thick steel legs. A locking mechanism keeps the table in place and prevents it from rolling. The construction is solid all around, and Stiga has paid careful attention to strength and durability. Needless to say, this table will last you a very long time.


Since the Stiga Ultratec ping pong table is aimed at families, portability is an important issue. Few homes have enough room to keep a table tennis table as a permanent fixture. Stiga tackles this problem by making the two halves of the table foldable. The table can then be moved by simply rolling it away with the help of two pairs of 4″ ball-bearing mag wheels.

1″ x 4 5/8″ caster beam uprights add further stability to the chassis. Coupled with the 4″ wheels, the caster beam uprights lend a modern, sleek look to the table. This Stiga ping pong table will look right at home in any game room and may even add to the appeal of your interiors.

Keeping the target demographic in mind, Stiga has also equipped this table with a very convenient ball and paddle storage. You can easily store up to 4 paddles in the table itself, either in the storage or playing position. The Stiga Ultratec Table Tennis Table comes with a tournament grade net set and posts, so you can start playing instantly.

Assembling Your Table

Assembling the table can be somewhat difficult. This table is heavy, weighing in at almost 300lbs and measuring 62 x 56.5 x 30 inches. The instructions can be a bit difficult to follow, and you will most likely need the help of at least 2 people to get the table up and running. This is one of the few negative points in this otherwise excellent table.

Once you get the table assembled, however, you will instantly fall in love with the quality of gameplay it offers. The bounce is predictable and consistent, and the ball spins smoothly off the surface. There are no awkward bounces, spins or sudden speed changes. Those who have spent some time playing ping pong will most appreciate the table’s quality.

Switching from the storage to playing position is extremely easy and hitch-free. The heavy duty chassis makes moving the table about a breeze, which is a boon for space starved family game rooms.

Stiga Ultratec User Reviews

“The table is soooo sturdy. It took me only about 2 hours to put it together from unboxing to finish. I need a helper only after an hour, only when you put the top surfaces. I love that design when you don’t need to remove the net and post everytime you’re done playing. Also the post snaps in lock position when you fold it. Making it safe for kids to accidentally open the table. I’m very happy with the table. The bounce is so good. The spin really effects.”

“We purchased this table for use in our rec/exercise room and it has been used non stop ever since! Be careful with the brackets when assembling (they tend to bend easily) but replacement parts are hassle free! The paddle holders on the side are a little cheesy but work ok. The net is always tight and the 4″ wheels make moving it a breeze.”

Stiga Ultratec –¬†Summary

At around $600, this table is ideally priced for amateur players looking to step up from beginner tables, as well as families that want a high quality ping pong table for their game rooms. All-around, the Stiga Ultratec table tennis table is one of the best offerings from Stiga, especially considering the price, and will offer years of enjoyment.

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