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Do you actually need many table tennis accessories? Not really. Ping pong requires very little equipment. The only thing you need to get started is a table, a pair of table tennis rackets, and a handful of ping-pong balls. But some extra pieces of table tennis equipment can enhance and elevate your game in skill as well as comfort.

Depending on your own requirements and budget, you can buy a host of accessories to make your game experience better. These include ball catchers, higher quality glues, edgetapes, scoreboards, rubber cleaners, table tennis shoes, table tennis table covers, and a lot more.

Some of them are designed to keep your equipment in top condition, while others are made to make the entire playing experience more comfortable and professional.

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Table Tennis Accessories – Ball Catchers and Table Tennis Robots

If you like to practice solo, then one accessory you should definitely invest in is a ball catcher net. This can be easily installed within minutes at one end of the table and prevents the ball from bouncing off in all directions. For solo play, it greatly reduces the amount of effort you have to spend in collecting balls.

A catcher net is great to use if you are using a table tennis robot to practice your shots. Ping pong robots fire balls at you and you have to return their serve. You can check them out at who have a great selection starting from less than $100.

While on the subject of nets, a good table tennis net can make your table look great as well as ensure you don’t have any sagging from a cheap net.

Killerspin Table Tennis Racket Cleaning FoamLook After Your Racket

Any player worth their salt will tell you that the quality of the playing surface (rubbers) on your racket can have a massive impact on your game. You can invest in a range of table tennis accessories to maintain the quality of your rubbers. Cleaners, such as the Killerspin Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Foam clean the rubber surface thoroughly and keep it in top condition for competitive play.

You can also buy a wide variety of edgetapes to keep your paddle in top condition and prevent the rubber from fraying at the edges. Serious players should definitely consider investing in these accessories; the little boost in performance can easily make the difference between victory and defeat.

Among other table tennis accessories, you should consider investing in better quality glues to hold your stick the rubbers to the blade. These glues, such as the Joola X Green Power Glue adhere to the ITTF guidelines and offer superior adhesion while offering minimal resistance when removing the rubbers.

Other Table Tennis Equipment You May Enjoy

If you play a lot of table tennis, or work at a training center, one piece of Ping-Pong equipment that you shouldn’t do without is a table tennis ball picker. This handy little device makes it effortlessly easy to pick balls from the floor and will save your back from repeatedy bending over.

Stiga scoreboard - table tennis accessoriesA table tennis scoreboard can look great in your games-room or club room. These give your play a more professional feel and come in manual or electronic versions. Check out the selection at where you can get them for less than $20. Having a scoreboard means you can concentrate on your game, rather than trying to remember the score while you play.

Table Tennis Accessories – Summary

Besides these, you can also buy kit bags, storage cases, shoes, and apparel specifically designed for playing table tennis. Special formulations, such as table tennis table cleaners should be a must in every ping-pong player’s kit, while serious players should consider investing in a pair of table tennis shoes.

While these table tennis accessories are not necessary to have an enjoyable game, many players will find that they can boost performance and make the entire game easier and more comfortable.

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