Table Tennis Conversion Top

(Convert Your Pool Table or Dining Table for Ping Pong)

A table tennis conversion top is a great way to turn any flat surface into a ping pong table. Using mounting brackets and clamps, the conversion top can be attached to a flat surface (usually a pool table) for an instant game of ping pong. A table tennis conversion top not only saves you space, but is also much more affordable than a stand-alone table.

Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top

A conversion top is essentially the top part of a table tennis table that can be attached to any flat surface to turn it into a ping-pong table, instantly. It is an affordable, easy way to turn an unused table into a table tennis table, and works very well for amateur players who don’t want to invest many hundreds of dollars into an actual table.

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Great Space Saving Solution

Purists may scoff at the idea of a ping pong top for a pool table top, but you can’t beat the practicality it offers. Think of the average game room. A table tennis table can easily occupy the entire room, leaving no space for anything else. But with a conversion top, you can turn any large, flat surface in the game room into a table tennis table instantly, saving you not only money, but also space.

Good quality conversion tops provide a sturdy playing surface that offer reasonable bounce, spin and speed.

Table tennis tables are 9ft by 5ft. Most ping pong conversion tops are meant to be placed over pool tables of 7ft or 8ft.

Be aware that pool tables are slightly higher than table tennis tables (2ft 10inches for a pool table v/s 2ft 8inches for a table tennis table). This probably won’t make too much difference to the average player but is worth being aware of.

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Reasonable Playing Qualities

Most competition level table tennis tables are made of 22-25mm thick wood/fiberboard/chipboard. These materials are known to offer optimum and consistent bounce, spin, and speed. Most table tennis conversion tops, on the other hand, are manufactured with affordability in mind. Therefore, the playing surface is of an inferior quality, as compared to a stand-alone, competition level table. For serious players, this inferior quality will translate into an inferior quality game.

A ping-pong conversion top is ideal for casual players short on space. Serious players will find their game getting negatively affected by the difference in dimensions, quality, and height as compared to a high quality stand-alone table.

Players looking to just knock a few balls around, followed by a game of pool will appreciate the convenience of a table tennis conversion top. For more serious players, only a stand-alone table would suffice.

Table Tennis Conversion Top –¬†Summary

If you do buy a conversion top the best guarantee of getting one of good quality is to make sure it has been made by one of the leading table tennis table equipment manufacturers (Killerspin Paragon Conversion Top is pictured).

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