Used Ping Pong Tables Buyers Guide

Used ping pong tables can be found by checking local ads or by visiting online auction sites.

The one downside of buying a used table is that you don’t know it’s history. Has it been used as a bench in the garage, have people been sitting on it, has it had hot coffee cups resting on it? You just don’t know.

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Used Table Tennis Table – Buyers Tips

Give it a visual inspection

Before you part with your hard earned cash take a ruler and spirit level with you to check how level the surface is.

Play some games on it

Never, ever buy a used table without playing on it. You wouldn’t buy a car just on how it looks, so do the same with your table. Serve and return from both sides of the table so you get a feel for how the whole table performs.

Check the folding action

If it’s a foldaway or rollaway ping pong table ask to see it being set-up and folded-up. The try it yourself. Does the mechanism feel smooth, was it easy to use, does it feel secure?

Check safety and stability

Be careful with this one. With the table set-up, walk around the table edge and put some of your body-weight on it. You want the table to be stable and secure. The last thing you need is for the table to collapse if you or one of your kids puts some weight on it.

Good Tables Are Out There

Following on from this it figures that you should never buy a used table without actually seeing it. That’s why we don’t recommend buying them on online auctions – you never know what you’re going to get. And if you have to return it, then that is going to cost you a lot of money too.

The good news is that used ping pong tables can be found relatively easily as people move house, or update equipment. It’s also worth asking at your local clubs if anyone is selling as a table tennis enthusiast is much more likely to have looked after their table, and given it proper care.

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